Preekend Profiteroles

It’s fabulous Friday, the weekend is almost here (we call it the Preekend because it’s pre-weekend), so I like to make something special.

When I was a young girl, my Mum & Grandma would bake all kinds of wonderful delicious treats, including the most beautifully light, crisp choux pastry (pâte à choux).  I remember sitting in the kitchen, watching in amazement as my Mum vigorously beat the dough with such ease, making it seem so effortless.  Of course, I learned later on when I made my own that there is a lot of effort that goes into them & appreciate them so much more.   They might be simple to make, but you need strong arms!

Once cooled, the dough would be piped onto a prepared baking tray (this was my job – buttering the trays & sprinkling with a little cold water), before being transformed in the oven from little balls (or thin strips if she made éclairs) into lightly puffed crispiness.  Then they would be plumped up with whipped cream & generously drizzled with Mum’s homemade silky, glossy chocolate sauce.

They even freeze well (unfilled), so you can have a stash ready for unexpected guests or just as a treat when you fancy them.

Those plump little pastries would melt in a crisp, gooey cream & chocolatey mouthful within seconds, although lingering much longer in my memory.  A x


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