Hello world!

Hi there!  This blog is the result of my obsession with making real food & my family constantly being asked “hope you’re hungry!” every time I make a meal.  Cooking is not some kind of kitchen alchemy, it’s achievable with a bit of planning (I’m not talking military manoeuvres either!).

After working in a professional office career for years, I still managed to cook from scratch & hated the idea of people coming home to a packet meal, defrosting something & zapping it in a microwave.   So, I decided to share my passion and hopefully inspire other people to try creating dishes in their own homes.

I’m a home cook, self-taught & not chef-y – I live with guys, so there’s no room for fancy frills, just proper food that tastes good.   It doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming.

Food is not just sustenance or nutrition, it’s a chance to sit down with your family & friends, talk to each other, eat a good meal that you’ve prepared & have fun!

A 🙂 x

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