Fabulous Fresh Focaccia!

Sometimes, all you need is a warm slice of homemade focaccia, topped with chopped garlic & rosemary, ready to dip into some fragrant extra virgin olive oil & dark balsamic vinegar.  So while dinner is cooking nicely & the Husband is gardening his socks off, I decided to warm through one of these lovely flatbreads that we made last night (leftover from making pizza) & get him an ice cold IPA beer (well, it would be rude not to).

When we make pizza (usually at the weekend, because it’s more relaxed), there is always enough dough to make four pizzas & so I like to make two for us, then use the leftover dough to make either baguettes or focaccia, depending on which dough I’ve made (I’m always planning ahead – two meals for the effort & price of one!).   If it’s a Saturday morning, I love to make fresh baguettes filled with crispy bacon & fried eggs.  But if it’s a Sunday, I’ll use the leftover dough to make some focaccia for us to nibble on while we’re doing chores or watching a film – just enough to keep us going until dinner is ready & definitely healthier than some other snacks!

Because focaccia dough has olive oil in it, it’s smooth & tactile, making it easy to shape into whatever you like (I made ovals this time because the only baking tray not being used was a large one!).

Simply stretch it into the shape you want (use a rolling pin if you like), spread some olive oil over the top with your hands, making dimples with your knuckles, then top with a little freshly chopped garlic & rosemary leaves, plus a dusting of sea salt & black pepper.  Sprinkle a little flour or coarse semolina onto a baking tray (you really don’t need much, but this stops it sticking) & pop the focaccia on the top.  It takes about 8-10 minutes in a hot oven (& about 8-10 seconds to munch through a slice!).  When it’s done, I like to give it another drizzle of olive oil before letting it cool slightly (this adds more flavour), before slicing & dunking (if like me, you live with guys, I advise you to always make an extra one so you don’t miss out).

And if you’re making one for your Gardener too, don’t forget to give them a beer to go with it!  Bellissimo!  A x

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