When you need a proper chocolate hit ….


Chocolate can instantly put a smile on most people’s faces, just by the mere mention of it!  However, sometimes you want more than just a chunk of the good stuff, you need a proper chocolate hit.  That’s when I make these mini chocolate gateaux & a big pan of homemade chocolate fudge sauce (trust me, this is the easiest stuff to make & keeps very well in the fridge, but only if you hide it).

These creations were inspired by one of my favourite rock bands (actually, they inspired a cherry chocolate I make too, but more on that another time).   Maybe next time I see them play, I’ll bake them a few – after seeing them last year, they are quite energetic on stage so could probably do with some cake!

Of course, the filling isn’t just plain cream – this batch had a couple of good shots of Irish Cream Liqueur whipped in, just to make them extra decadent (not one for the kids if you put the Liqueur in, but then I don’t think it’s wise giving them this cake anyway, because once they taste it you’ll never get one again!).

After filling the cakes to overflowing, I like to spoon some of the cooled chocolate fudge sauce over them.   The rich, dark cherry on the top is just enough to balance all that sweetness with a little sour kick – just like a mini chocolate riff for your tongue!  A x

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