An Afternoon Tease

It’s May Day, Bank Holiday & the sun is shining (a bit rare for a Bank Holiday, I know!).  It might not be warm enough to sit out in the garden just yet, but it evokes fond memories of being a young girl, barefoot in the warm garden sunshine & the anticipation of indulging in various delectable delicacies – I can still hear the faint clinking of china cups & saucers, as I watched plates piled high with treats being loaded onto the table, one after another.

All my friends know that I absolutely love making afternoon tea – all those miniature, elegantly decorated cakes, plump
sultanas embedded in fluffy scones, fragrant ripe strawberries perched on pastry cups & delicious, dainty sandwiches, crustless with cream cheese & cucumber.   Then there’s the endless cups of Earl Grey tea, with wafer thin lemon slices floating like lilypads on the surface,
sometimes accompanied by a flute of fizz (or two – sometimes three because there’s no such thing as leftover fizz, it’s a myth).

One of the best things I learned is to soak your fruits to plump them up – nobody likes shrivelled sultanas in their scone!  Make a pot of tea & let it cool until just warm, pour over a large handful of dried fruit in a bowl.  Give it a stir, put a plate on top & leave it overnight – next morning, sumptuous sultanas!

Of course, everyone does it their own way – my son doesn’t like fruit in his scones, so he has plain or walnut ones (actually, he makes the best walnut scones!), along with a tall G&T over cucumber & ice rather than tea or fizz.  

However you do it, it should be fun, frivolous & fabulous!  A x





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